• The queens entrepreneurship fund

    Aligning small business growth with meaningful community impact

  • we work to create solutions for our queens based entrepreneurs.

    Community development depends on the ability of small businesses to create jobs, recycle local wealth, and drive overall growth. Now more than ever, small businesses need to adapt and stay competitive. Our solution? Train smart and ambitious undergraduates to consult small businesses. We target undergraduates at local public colleges in order to establish lasting institutional relationships between colleges and the businesses that impact their surrounding communities. Learn about our first project to help businesses stay resilient.

  • The Resilient Enterprises Fellowship Program

    Launching Fall 2018, we provide a one academic year fellowship for Queens College students. These fellowships train students to conceptualize, create, and deliver valuable consulting to local small business owners. As fellows, students gain a competitive edge through rigorous skill building and an opportunity to develop their own impactful and sustainable social ventures. We build community through facilitating a shared value approach as students acquire crucial skills while entrepreneurs benefit from the business value generated by our fellows

    Combining workforce development with social impact.

    While our fellowships focus on the technical aspect of small business operation, our anchor institution framework guides us to actively push for structural change and more partnerships. While we afford the small business community our most immediate asset of intellectual capital, it is within our long term goals to collaboratively devise ways as to how it can be more of an asset towards neighborhood revitalization. In addition, we are actively seeking ways to forge relationships with community partners and local governments to not only provide more resources for small businesses but to also communicate and address the significance of investing in our local colleges. We relentlessly focus on what the process towards achieving a relationship between colleges, small businesses, and other parts of the community looks like by adopting its fulfillment in our long term vision for impact.

  • up for the challenge? join our team.

    Check out our leadership opportunities and find your fit. These opportunities are ideal for ambitious undergraduates or recent graduates seeking leadership in a social venture. These positions are on a volunteer basis and most work can be done from home. No specific major required for most positions. Contact us below if you're interested. Please also look at our internship offerings and decide your best fit.

    Chief Marketing Officer

    • Design overall marketing and client engagement strategy while developing targeted plans for an array of stakeholders
    • Perform necessary qualitative and quantitative research on community economic development, small business entrepreneurship, and other related topics
    • Perform competitive analysis in order to identify opportunities for partnerships and service innovation
    • Develop our communications framework with relevant metrics to measure breadth of outreach and engagement
    • Writing any necessary blog pieces, white papers, and articles
    • Conduct any related research as necessary

    Chief Financial Officer*

    • *This position requires either an Accounting or BBA degree with a GPA minimum of 3.4.
    • Assist in our organization obtaining tax exemption
    • Managing our budget process
    • Oversee and regulate any type of financial transactions, ensure our recordkeeping follows mandated regulations, and perform necessary risk analysis in any funds we wish to allocate to clients

    Fellowship Director

    • Working closely with the COO to develop program directives for each stage and process within our consulting and training initiatives
    • Create strategic plans that map key objectives for a successful consulting program and accomplishing those objectives
    • Develop evaluative processes and metrics for our various initiatives
    • Forecast any necessary financial requirements and adhere to estimated budget
    • Implementing measures to help us consistently achieve higher standards of quality within our offered programs and services
    • Writing any necessary blog pieces, white papers, and articles 

    Development Director 

    • Plan, lead and execute our fundraising strategies 
    • Write grant requests as well as other forms of communication to request donations
    • Identify critical funding opportunities 
    • Set and achieve our desired fundraising goals
    • Organizing fundraising events
  • summer 2017 internship program

    Be an intern! If you're looking for an awesome opportunity to make some friends, initiate powerful projects, and learn a host of skills, please check out our available positions below.

    Our ideal intern is

    someone who takes initiative and successfully completes deadlines. We look for people who are passionate about learning new things and are willing to work hard to achieve some impactful results. Students must be interested in social entrepreneurship, social impact strategy, business, policy, or organizational management. There is no specific major required as we invite students from all backgrounds. Students must be in good academic standing (as in not any form of academic probation), have effective writing/verbal communication skills, possess at minimum a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, and must be able to commit at least 24 hours a week.

    About the Internship

    This internship program is designed specifically for Queens College undergraduates. For this spring semester, this internship will be a hybrid combination of working at home and participating in in-person check-ins and group discussions. As an intern, you would be considered a valuable member of the team. While we cannot pay you, we can ensure that you are developing skills and taking part in a high quality and high impact experience. If you perform well, we certainly do our part to help you achieve your professional growth. All interns are invited to publish their experiences on our upcoming blog, attend conferences, and exciting events.


    Business Development Intern

    Business Development interns assist with:

    • Identifying potential private, NGO, and governmental partnerships
    • Conducting research in order to provide insights towards competitive analysis & client acquisition
    • Implementing our fundraising strategy & budget planning
    • Providing risk assessments on various programmatic offerings

    Policy Research Intern

    Policy Research interns assist with:

    • Conducting policy driven research on local economic, community & workforce development,  and small business entrepreneurship 
    • Contributing ideas and insights into strengthening local colleges' impact for small businesses
    • Collaboratively writing and publishing a proposal detailing our community development efforts 

    Operations & Program Strategy Intern

    Operations & Program Strategy Interns assist with:

    • Developing a framework for social impact measurement
    • Conducting program related research such as best practices in marketing, consulting and leveraging human capital 
    • Defining and initiating various elements in our program strategy related to fellowship design 
    There is no specific major required for any of these positions. Interns will receive training throughout the internship.

    Application Process

    Don't worry, no need to write a cover letter for this one. First, please contact us through the contact form below indicating who you are and your interest in 2-3 internship areas by May 31st, 2017. However, candidates who contact us before or on May 20th, 2017 will receive a strong preference. When informing us of what type of internship you are interested in, please list them in order of most desired to least desired. Once you've contacted us, we will contact you in return so you can send us your resume. After we receive your resume, we will contact you for an interview. Interviews will take place on campus. Summer internships will begin early to mid June and end in mid August. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.